Here is your chance to own the entire print series of all the "Argen 7" character card art!   Argentina (and Venezuela) released a rare 2nd series of all original characters named Mortal, Glenda, Topson, Shimik, Manleh, and Redmack.  But there is a 7th un-named character!  It is believed she was designed for one of two reasons.  Either as a preliminary art for the Glenda, or it is more likely an unreleased character!!!  Her artwork is fully finished like all the others, plus she is sporting "range-finder" goggles unlike any other figure released in Argentina.  Granted she looks close to Glenda because that original 1982 Scarlett mold was the only female mold available to Plastirama at the time of production. The designers weren't able to create a different body by swapping parts around like they did with Shimik. Either way, it is a mystery that may never be solved.  We asked the original artist that worked for Plastirama.  Unfortunately, he does not remember exactly why he drew "Classified" two decades ago.  The artwork prints you see are professionally made to the full original size of 8-1/2" X 11" .  The character name is in the military green and the boarders are red and blue. These print images are taken directly from the original pencil drawings.  See below to order.

  Click on each character to show the full art print images.

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Click on the Pay Pal button below to order a set of Argen 7 original pencil art prints.   These are limited to 50 sets each (hand numbered).  You get Glenda, Redmack, Topson, Manleh, Shimik, Mortal PLUS the unreleased "Classified". The Set of 7 prints is $69.93.  That breaks down to just 9.99 each print.  This price includes FREE, WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING!!!
    When ordering, you may request a particular number in the series you like.  So if your favorite number is 13 (and that number is still available), you can get all the prints with the number 13.  Please list a couple alternate numbers because several sets have been already sold. 

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