Christian Faith Declaration

The following people are Christians that will save 10% off anything they buy from Treasures 'N Toys.  You can too.  Make your statement of faith and let us know today!


Ron Conner Palma Sola Bay Baptist Church


Listen to Christian Radio online @

Chris McCarver

Broadway Baptist Church


"I think it is awesome that you are willing to use your site to minister to all of your customers.  I admire your desire to spread your faith in Jesus Christ in this day and age when it is often frowned upon. I pray God will continue to bless you in all that you do!!!"
Michael Mincey

Westside Baptist Church

"I think incorporating Christian values and encouraging Bible doctrine into your business is a great idea. A very intriguing concept. Great job! It  is possible to enjoy action figure collecting and your religion at the same time! (My father is even training to be a preacher.) Thanks again! God bless you and your enterprise! "
Christopher Arthur Michael Jamison

St. Victor's Church



Michael Drumm

Eastern Ave. Baptist Church

"I am pleased with your web site and I think your prices look pretty fair but I really like that you also use this as a chance to bring someone to Christ."
Don and Peggy Jimenez

Times Square Church & Cherry Creek Assembly of God.


Eric Girard

Church at Red River


Visit the Church website at Church at Red River

Michael Buchmeier Merriam Christian Chapel Indiana

" It is nice to see you using your site as a way to profess your faith and possibly reach some non-Christian Joe collectors. "

Eric Bryant Vernon Park Church of God Illinois  
Alonzo Henry Graumann Trinity Church Texas "I've been a believer for about 4 years now and it make me happy to hear of the faith God has placed in y'all. Sorry for the Texan slang but I love seeing people given to others. Lord Bless Y'all"

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