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The following items are either one of a kind or extremely hard to find items. 

Bombardier, formally know as the "Mystery Flash"....make offer

Carded Brazil Cobra De Aco : Nice card, bubble has a crack on top of figure compartment.  One of the best known examples in existance....make offer

1996 Pewter  Trophy  (Gung Ho Body).  The of the only a couple examples of Hasbro GI Joe products made for this year. make offer

Bottom of foot.

1996 Pewter Stars and Stripes Concept, "Raise the Flag" pose  ( Barricade / Gears body) This is the precourser to the eventual Stars and Stripes set. Notice the posture of the figure, and it was cast in this post to "raise the flag".  This is one of only a few prototyes made by Hasbro in 1996 make offer

Yellow belt holds working crossbow behind her back.











Certificate of Authenticity      Staff Edition Lady Jaye, the finished product

12" Scarlett Prototype

 This one of a kind prototype is the centerpiece of any 3-3/4 or 12 inch collection.  Many people in the G.I. Joe collecting community don't know it exist. It was kept in the personal collection of Mike Herz for the first 2 years.  Later purchased by Ron Conner.   Mike is a convention promoter that frequently had exclusive Joes available at his shows. Scarlett was his second attempt to produce an exclusive 12 inch female figure for his shows. The first attempt was the Female Shuttle Astronaut ( also owned by Ron Conner ).  Like the Female Shuttle Astronaut, Scarlett was also officially approved for prototype production only. After this prototype was made, Hasbro decided to change the figure to Lady Jaye.  Hasbro felt that Lady Jaye had a more military look to her.   Get the whole story by reading the Certificate of Authenticity by clicking on the thumbnail image above....make offer

Battle Android Trooper ( B.A.T.) Live Action Costume .

Made by "Character Translations", a professional costume company base in New York.  Hasbro hired them to make Live Action costumes around 1986.  They are a one of a kind collectible.  make offer  


click to enlarge.

2002 BJ's 8 pack variations

Preproduction (top) vs. Final Production (bottom) :  make offer


"Bronze" Psyche Out

In TARGAT colors

"Neon Orange" Blaster

In General Hawk colors

"Gold Boots" Spearhead

Unknown variant

"Road Pig Waist" Big Boa "Light Green Shirt" Ripper

Variant India Figures

Variant (left) vs. Final Production (Right)   make offer

Various South American Rarities

Rare Mexican Boxed Storm Shadow!

Various Production Pieces

Alternate Back Blast Card Art.  Inked on trace / velum style paper with backboard. 



G.I. Joe #7.  Preliminary cover art done by Mike Zeck.  Zeck is the iconic artist that brought us so many memerable covers from the Marvel series.  1995 Unreleased Resin Storm Shadow



60's style Statue sculpted by world famous artist Randy Bowen!!!  1st ever price GI Joe Convention Statue #1 of 10 there were unpainted.  This piece was acquired from the Bruce Zalkin., the GI Joe Convention promoter that offered the painted versions at his convention. 

Own a piece of G.I. Joe history....make an offer!

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