Micro Figure Bubble Slit

  In 1988 and 1989 there was a variation in some of the carded figures produced.  Hasbro included a Free Micro Figurine as a bonus to help sell their G.I. Joes.  A new, self contained bubble was formed to hold this micro figurine. This bubble held the free figurine ONLY.  Some of our figures below had these free figurines taken for display and replaced.  We have given them ALL a Primary Grade of C6.  Plus we gave them a Secondary Grade which ignores that the extra bubble was cut.  Since the standard figure and accessories are still sealed, some collectors don't mind that the free offer was removed and replaced.  C6 is still the primary grade even thought the standard figure is still mint on card. All of the listing are well marked to let collectors know.  See the example figures below as a reference.  Notice how the accessories have moved to accommodate for the free micro figure.   

Standard Issue Card

Free Micro Variation

Micro Figure Bubble Slit Close Up Of Bubble Slit