Florida State Sales Tax

We have outlined the 3 most common questions of customers that inquiring about FL state tax.

Q: What is the Tax rate?

A: Florida Tax on the products and shipping starts at a rate of 6%, then the Discretionary Sales Surtax is added.

General Tax info found here:

Q: What is a Discretionary Sales Surtax

A: Effect in November of 2002,  Florida Tax was changed and there is now a specific surtax that will be charged depending on which Florida county the products will be delivered to.  Sales Tax starts at 6%, and a "Discretionary Sales Surtax" COULD increase the tax an additional 0.5%, 1%, or 1.5% depending on the county you live in. Some counties have no Surtax.  Please see more info here on the FL state Tax websites below.   Treasures 'N Toys asks that  Florida customers, please let us know which Florida city and COUNTY you want the items to be delivered to (usually your home).
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Q: I know the products are taxed, buy why is the shipping taxed as well?

A: Florida law requires that not only the products are to be taxed, but the shipping charge also to be taxed under the conditions as stated in the Florida Administrative Codes, 12A-1.045

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