by  Airedevon

Those old Action Force figures were very unique and interesting characters.  But the problem was they had limited articulation. So they were hard to fit in with the rest of the RAH line.  We'll that is not a problem for Airedevon.  Check out these awesome custom conversion and integrate the vintage Action Force into your collection.

Red Shadow


Baron Ironblood


Action Force SAS


All 3 conversions plus Cobra Commander unmasked according to history of the Action Force comic. This history will be told by the Web Camp in our newest section coming soon.


by  Roger Taft

Baron Ironblood has been updated from his look in the early1980's.  Body construction is made of various G.I. Joe parts and the mask was customized from another toy line.

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Special thanks to Airedevon for submitting these cool and unique customs.

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