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G.I. Joe & Jane, "The Founders"


Created by : Ron Conner

Code Names:


Zero Squad  Leaders                                        


The original G.I. "Joe" and "Jane" in the current year 2002. They are both getting up there in age.  Their actual age is classified but suspected to be around 60.  Since their military debuted in 1964, they have been shot up, shot at and shot down.   No other Joe has been through what either of these two have gone trough.  37 years of combat service has put a toll on them.  A couple years ago their age caught up with them on a mission, and they were captured.  Both were brutally tortured  to near death.  Fortunately they made it through a heroic rescue by a younger generation of Joes.  They were saved,  but the damage was already done. Joe suffered an amputated  arm and Jane with an amputated leg. Retirement seemed the only option next to a permanent desk job.  They decided to retire from duty and live out their crippled lives.  After a year of reflection, they realized their mundane lives were going  to end without honor or glory.  They always envisioned they would go down in a fire fight.  The closest thing to a fight they have had was a little scuffle on the shuffle board court.  They  re-enlisted with the help of Lifeline who was already anticipating their return.  Lifeline had their prosthetic replacement limbs ready and waiting.  

"Joe and Jane are the slowest that I have ever seen them.  We have compensated them with their weapons of mass destruction.  The mini gating gun, nerve gas and a flamethrower which are three of the most devastating high yield weapons.  They are now the leaders of the "Zero Squad".  The group of washed up Joes that won't take the easy desk jobs and will fight till their dieing breath. We purposely give them the toughest tasks as they are the highest trained, but in a way expendable if they go down in battle. - HAWK -

Designer's Notes:

I really wanted to pay homage to the founding members of G.I. Joe.  We owe them!   The mail-in Joseph Colton (G.I. JOE)  figure released in the 90's give me the idea that they could (and should) still be fighting for freedom.   After all this time I wanted to keep them in a vintage style outfit.  But also showcase their personal loss of limbs after a terrible interrogation by the enemy.   The prosthetic limbs are not bionic or super natural.  Just metal with some limited ability to help them function normally in a firefight.



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