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Code Name:


File Name: Thomas P. Kiley

Primary Specialist: Flamethrower

Secondary Specialist: Intelligence


Maverick's new life with Cobra began after the storage tank explosion in Benzheen that destroyed the Battle Force 2000 (BF2k).  Cobra rushed a salvage team to the site to try to retrieve any of the Joe's technology. Some Techno-Vipers found Maverick's body in the cockpit wreckage of his Vector Jet. The Vectors was the only Jet in the BF2k, making it the fastest of all the vehicles.  This explains why Maverick survived because the jet's speed at the time of the explosion.  The Vector did take damage as it could not outrun the shockwave which caused the Vector to fly out of control and crash.  Cobra had first believed that Maverick was the only survivor.  Cobra found no traces of the other 4 land vehicles or the Vindicator hover craft were thought to be too slow to survive the explosion.  Cobra was later surprised to learn of the survival of another BF2k member named Dodger. 
"When they brought Maverick's charred body to me, I could barely recognize that the mass of flesh in front of me was actually a man.  A very important man to Cobra.  The Commander wanted me to keep him alive long enough to put him into the Brainwave scanner.   But Maverick had lost so much blood, and continued to lose it as fast as we could pump it into him.  Finally I decide to fill him with the synthetic blood substitute I used to help create Serpentor.   The synthetic blood blends with any body and has a clotting agent which stopped the bleeding long enough for me to finish the skin graphs. So I worked for what seemed like days reconstructing his skin layers.  The moment he was deemed fit for the Brainwave scanner , Maverick was scanned.  Cobra Commander was amazed at the amount of top secret information he had possessed.  Maverick was a wealth of knowledge that Cobra could siphon off of for years, if he lived long enough. The Commander saw it fit to keep him alive for more information extraction.  Yet Maverick's kidneys were not able to function and clean the synthetic blood.  So we created a special suit for him to wear which had the blood exit his body in and into a series of filters in his suit.  As Mavericks body healed, we were trashing his mind.   I brainwashed him to hate G.I. Joe for leaving him in Benzheen to die.  I was able to imprint into his brain that Cobra cared  for him enough to help him live.  Over the years, the brainwashing has intensified as Maverick despises G.I. Joe enough to make them pay for leaving him.  Maverick is out to give paybacks to G.I. Joe by using his flamethrower to burn his way throughout their ranks.  He especially hates Dodger for leaving him.   Dodger was directly responsible for declaring him dead without giving him a pray for surviving the explosion."  - DR. MINDBENDER -


Designer's Notes:

I think it is very possible for Maverick to still be alive.  With no body to be found, there is no real evidence he is dead.  His Vector jet would have the greatest chance to surviving the explosion.  Especially a if driver on the ground, on a glorified motorcycle still lived.  If Dodger can survive, you bet Maverick did.  


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