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Code Name:


Cobra Field Medic


Medi-Vipers are taken from the lower ranked recruits.  They are deemed unfit for combat duty. Cobra does not turn away any recruits.  So here is where most of them end up.   Medi-Vipers are greatly needed to treat the injured on the front lines.  So they are sent out with limited training under their belt.  Most are only trained enough to diagnose a medical need, not to treat it.  They rely on their voice uplink to in their telecommunications equipment on-line with Cobras Central Medial Computer. This computer has all the medical knowledge programmed into it.  Medi-Vipers simply state the medical need through the com system and the computer gives them step by step instructions on how treat the patient.  It is an igneous system when it works.   But  if they misdiagnose an injury, or if the communications are down, they are on their own.
  "I felt the Medi-Vipers needed to issue a side arm just in case they needed it.  I know they did not make it though my Cobra Camp, because their aim was terrible,  But in case of a medical disaster, even Medi-Vipers can not miss at point blank range. - BIG BOA - Cobra Trainer


Designer's Notes:

I first did this Medi-Viper (shown below) as a custom request.  I found out I liked it so much, I went ahead and made another one with some differences.  The head turned out great with the microphone, antenna and eye lamp. The chest worked good as well.  Everything else was different.


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