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Medi-Viper Surgeon

Created by Ron Conner














Code Name:


Cobra Chief Surgeon


 If any soldier is lucky enough to make it back to base, Lucky 7 is their man to fix them up. Unlike, Medi-Vipers, Lucky is well trained in the medical arts. 
"When we found Lucky 7, he was a legitimate Emergency Room Doctor. One of the top surgeons in his profession.  However, we needed a leader to head up our medical unit.  So we send in Fred XXI to receive treatment from him.  Fred was fatally poisoned by us and died while in Lucky 7's care.  Soon after his death, Extensive Enterprises filed a Malpractice lawsuit to ruin his medical reputation. After paying off the Judge, Lucky 7 lost the suit and his Medical license was revoked. With nowhere to go and out of a Job, Cobra quickly stepped in to offer him a job  as the  leader of the Medi-Vipers.  He had no choice but to accept.  It was a perfect plan.  The sacrifice of Fred XXI was paid in full when Lucky saved 27 soldiers after a raid on the Joe Base.  Lucky 7 has saved hundreds of Cobras since then. A very worth while investment into Cobra's ranks." - TOMAX & XAMOT - Crimson Guard Commanders


Designer's Notes:

I did this Medi-Viper Surgeon as a custom request.  Created in the spirit of the Medi-Vipers.  Everyone has to have a squad leader.  Lucky 7 is the man. 



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