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Created by Ron Conner



Code Name:


File Name: Sir William Knight XXII

Primary Specialist: Executioner

Secondary Specialist: Cobra Dungeon Keeper


Throughout his early life, Shackles has been a witness to death and torment administered by his father. He comes from a long running family business of executioners.  There is a strange ritual that revolves around the family's "ax of death".  Far back in the family's history, each generation has used the same ax metal head.  The eldest family member is the only active caretaker of the business.  As the elder grows old and weak, he comes to a point in his life where he must pass the legacy on to his son. The son's right of passage is started by the elder giving the ax to his son.  The son's first duty is to cut down a tree with the ax and to carve his own handle for the ax.   The father's handle is replaces with the son's new handle. The old handle is then given back to the father to be buried with him.  The father is witness to his final execution.  The ritual is complete and a the legacy of death has renewed.
"The Knight family has been employed by my family for the last 300 years.  We have required their services countless times.  I knew Shackles father since we were children. But now that William XXI has... "retired", his son has filled in well for us.  Although, I do not trust Shackles like I did his father.  His loyalty has swayed to whom ever pays him the most for a job.  Just what I need...another deadly mercenary" - DESTRO -  


Designer's Notes:

Not a nice character.  Actually the most gruesome guy I have created.....so far.  The file card turned out well after a lot of though to a bizarre story.  It look as long to the file card as it was to do the figure itself.   The only authentic Hasbro peice is the waist.  The rest is from different toy lines.


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