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Created by Ron Conner




Code Name:


Primary Specialist :Remote Ordinance Technician

Secondary Specialist : Tank Killer                                  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wireless operates a missile system revolving around pin point accuracy.  He uses his computer to download real-time images from the spy satellite.  Then he can fire the missile with destructive intent.  Sometimes Wireless has to find a camouflaged target or a target inside a building where satellite images are useless. He will set up his missile ready to launch in a remote area.  His reconnaissance training leads him to his mission objective. Once found, he can launch is missile, even if he is miles away from it.  He relies on his shoulder antenna to transmit the launch codes to the missile.  Wireless has been assigned to take out anything from Cobra tanks, ships, or buildings.


"On his first mission, Wireless was captured by Cobra agents.  This was on purpose just to get him deeper into their science research compound.  He was sent to destroy a new chemical weapons virus Cobra was working on.  While inside, Wireless claimed to have information to help Cobra in their efforts.  This trick could only work once since Cobra has never seen him in action. Once Wireless was brought to the chemical lab, he launched the missile using his optical HUD ( Heads Up Display).  It was aimed directly at the lab he was in.  Moments before the missile's impact, he ran for cover.  Our investment in his armored suit paid off as he was protected from the fiery blast.  The missile struck the building and left the Cobra agents in disarray.  In all of the confusion, Wireless walked right out the hole in the wall where the missile came through escaped to safety." - DUKE  

Designer's Notes:

My idea behind Wireless "The Tank Killer" was to be different than all the other missile soldiers. Scrap Iron, Fast Draw, and Heavy Duty all had their missiles right next to them or strapped to them.  That is too close.  I wanted the missile to be big enough to take out more than a tank.  The shoulder antenna looks a little odd and unique, but it must be equipt to transmitted the launch codes to the missile from miles away.   It is removable when he is not in pursuit of his target.



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