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Yellow Jacket

Created by Ron Conner


Code Name:


Killer Bees Leader                                               ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yellow Jacket is the leader of the new Cobra group called the Killer Bees. It is Cobra's answer to G.I. Joe's Tiger Force. They are painted in similar colors to confuse their prey before they strike. Yellow Jacket leads "sting" operation on G.I. Joe installations with a force of Cobra CLAWs, Flight Pods, and jet packs.  Yellow Jacket uses a jet pack supplied by M.A.R.S. that packs a .50 caliber machine gun built into the nose of the pack. His main attack gun never leaves his side, because it is built into his left wrist gauntlet. His command staff is equipped with two blades.  Each blade secretes acidic poison from small pores upon contact.  If the blade impact does not kill you, the venom will.
"Yellow Jacket is the only living member of the Night Vulture, Air Commandos squad.  After our silent attack failed on the Joe Headquarters, he and I were the only ones to make it back to the Terror Drome alive.  With the Vultures gone, Cobra Commander asked him to avenge his squad's death. Yellow Jacket went back to Cobras roots to look for a perfect concept for his new squad.  He designed his suit after an old De Aco trooper that Cobra Commander had left in the cryogenic storage lab.  Yellow Jacket has now become the "Flying Phoenix" rising from the ashes with a fighting spirit that will not be denied." - FIREFLY -


Designer's Notes:

Yellow Jacket was the first Cobra custom figure I made.  This one profiled is the actually the second incarnate.  See original below.  I traded the first one away and missed him so much, I had to make a new and improved version.  Currently I have him sitting next to one of my Cobra De Aco figures.  I must have subconsciously made him look a lot like a De Aco in the paint scheme.  So I worked his outfit color concept into his file card lore.


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