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Licensing Notes

There is more to G.I. Joe than just toys and cartoons.  From comics to bath bubbles to Band Aids, G.I. Joe has infiltrated many different product lines.  These production companies were given direction from Hasbro.  Thank God they did.  If you have ever seen a "boot leg" action figure, you will understand why these companies need guidance.  These "boot legs" look terribly distorted. The following pictures are pulled from a licensing packet sent from Hasbro to an authorized production company.


It all starts with the logo.  This is to be copied and applied to all G.I. Joe merchandise.  It is made on Kodak paper.  It resembles the appearance of a 5 X 7 photograph.

A Kodak photo sheet of Lady Jaye's card art.  The image is off center to give room for the action figure to be placed on the right.  Thus preserving the artwork from being covered by the toy.

A Kodak photo sheet of G.I. Joe vehicles.  Road Toad, Coastal Defender, S.L.A.M. and Persuader.  Notice the hand writing around each picture made my a Hasbro employee to help direct the production company.

 Another Kodak photo sheet.  This time of Cobra vehicles.  Mamba, Buzz Boar, Ballistic Battle Ball, and Drednok Cycle.  Notice only the Mamba name was hand written my a Hasbro employee to help direct the production company.

4 graphic card illustrations from the 1988 series.  Storm Shadow, Iron Grenadiers, Spearhead & Max, and Muskrat. The card lists names and has PMS numbers for each figure.

The two items above share common illustrations. The one on the left is a black and white print of the original artwork. It is printed on both sides with Warthog and Destro on this side and Mean Dog and Tiger Cat on the other side.  The print on the right is full color and in the same style as the figure illustrations above.  The color prints are illustrated only on one side.

The above black and white print has illustrations on both sides.  Side one has Tiger Fly and Tiger Rat.  The other side has Tiger Shark and Tiger Paw.  Some names were hand written my a Hasbro employee to help direct the production company.  It appears the Bazooka was mislabeled.  The hat and outfit match Recondo.

  notes file card computer.jpg (660805 bytes)

Production companies need more than just pictures to help sell their G.I. Joe merchandise. They need character back ground information as well.  File cards are the only true source available.   Please click on the above picture to see two Hasbro computer print outs.  They are file cards of Budo and Hydro-Vipers.

licensing app form 4-13.jpg (1252548 bytes)

A Licensing Approval Form is used to communicate any changes needed to a licensed product.   A prototype would be checked by up to 5 different people to ensure the direction and quality of Hasbro Inc.  Click on the image above to see what an official comic approval form looks like.  This particular form was used for a G.I. Joe comic book.  There are several demands expressed by the Hasbro legal team.

notes licensing specifications.jpg (627643 bytes)

 Click on image to enlarge. 

This is the actual agreement that states what a production company is to do with all of the material above.  This ties it all together.  Please click on the image to read the guidelines drawn up by Hasbro.

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