Tiger Force Review

This review is to focus on character selection and concept.  The figures being reviewed are from a mock- up test box seen below.  So the box has no G.I. Joe artwork and some of the figure colors vary from the final release.  There may even have been a character name change since this mock up was done.  The goal is to have a balanced  review with at least one praise and one criticism for each category.  Sometimes a figure is riddled with flaws and it is hard to find much good in the figure.  But the majority of the figures are so well done,  it is extremely hard to any flaws in them.   Please keep this in mind when reading the review.  Ultimately, we are committed to promoting  G.I. Joe and thank  Hasbro for their commitment to the toy line we all enjoy.      

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Review Comments Guide: Yellow = Information   Green = Positive comments   Red = Negative comments

Sgt. Stalker


Character Selection: Sgt. Stalker is a current character already featured in the 2002 line up.  That helps build a stable continuity. It is nice to see a familiar face on the team that new fans can relate to. 

Concept: I can't think of a more perfect leader.  His ranking is right for the group position.

Character Selection: We already have a Stalker....bring back someone else for broader selection of Joes.

Concept: The majority of the outfit is fine.  But the blue is just not a good color to mix with tiger stripes.  I don't know how blue works so well for Dial Tone, but it's not for our leader.  







Wreckage Name Clarification: We have seen the name Wreckage used before as a G.I. Joe toy.  However, it was used for the unreleased villain in the EXTREME line.  


Also, check out the 2 final release variations on Mike's G.I. Joe Page.

Character Selection: Finally he is released!  The original concept for this figure was planned under the name Sabretooth for the first Tiger Force assortment in the late '80's.  However, his only appearance was in an European toy catalog.  That Sabretooth prototype has a paint scheme that is very similar to the current Wreckage figure.  A black, yellow and orange Firefly repaint.  Kudos goes out to Hasbro for remembering this figure and bringing him to life for us all to enjoy.

Concept: You need to have a demolition guy to round out your team. Nine addition.

Character Selection: This mold has been painted, and repainted  several times as Firefly.   So it is extremely hard to see this mold as anything else but Firefly. 


Concept: It's all good!


Dial Tone

Check out the 2 final release variations on Mike's G.I. Joe Page.

Character Selection: Even though we just got a Dial Tone released in the BJ's pack, having two currently out is a good thing.  They both look great and very different from each other.   They even have different hair color.  BJ's gave him black hair, and TRU gave him brown.

Concept: Dial Tone fills another necessity in a team. Communications are vital.  He fit well the first time TRU used him in the Mission: Brazil set.  Now he does so again in this set. His outfit colors actually look good with the blue mixed in. 

Character Selection: It is hard to complain when the Dial Tone figure looks so good.   But it would have been neat to see a different communication officer to increase the size of the character pool.

Concept: It is also hard to fight the necessity of communications.  So, he is a must.





Agent Jinx


Character Selection: Jinx is the "freshest" figure of the group.  We haven't seen her in a long time.  For this reason alone, she makes this set a must have.

Concept: Her skills makes her the perfect supplement to the team when the need for a ninja arises. 

Character Selection: Do we really need more ninja exposure? 

Concept:   Her other obligations to the ninja clan makes her a secondary focus of the team.  She probably only has time to contribute to the team when her skills are vitally important.    







Big Brawler (formerly Outback ?)

A Possible Name Change? :  With orange hair, and the word "Survival" written across his chest, Big Brawler appears to be the second choice for naming this figure.  The character name Outback fits this preproduction appearance much better.  If a name change did happen, there is a common reason that has plagued other fan favorites from coming back.  Perhaps Hasbro lost the rights to use the name Outback.  The decision to use Big Brawler has been in use since the Norfolk convention in June 2002.  This set took an extraordinarily long time to be released. 

Also, check out the 2 final release variations on Mike's G.I. Joe Page.

Character Selection: It is good to introduce a new Joe member into the TF line up.  I was beginning to think the team was only made up of veterans. 

Concept:   The tiger stripes just seem to go well with the jungle mission specialist.  A perfect match. 

Character Selection: I can't get over calling this figure Outback.  This version of Big Brawler may never live up to its potential as a unique Joe character.

Concept: Here again, it is hard to argue against the idea of having a jungle mission specialist. 






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