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Sea Bee

Created by Ron Conner





















Code Name:


Killer Bees' Underwater Demolitionist


Sea Bee was a former Cobra Eel who specialized in cleaning up a job....demolition style.   He is so meticulous, that he will not leave a detonation zone until he is sure the area is no longer recognizable. He has been know to be a loner among the Eel Corps.  See Bea has a "short fuse" when it comes to human relations.  His temper is constantly getting him in trouble with his superiors,  He has been up for promotion many times for his excellent skills in demolitions and combat, yet his temper has always kept him from moving up in the Cobra hierarchy. 
"This man saved my life, so I returned the favor.  Back in one of my early missions as a Night Vulture, Cobra forces were sent to attack one of the Joes Tactical Battle Platforms.  We were successful in its destruction.  Yet, my glider was riddled with holes from the firefight.  I remember falling and hitting the water.  I must have blacked out from the impact.  I would have drown if not for a Eel #1453 ( now known as Sea Bee ).  He stayed behind to finish the job on the platform supports . I later awoke to find myself on dry land.  That Eel saved my life, and I swore to repay him one way or another.  Later that year, I got my chance to clear my debt.  Eel #1453 was sentenced to death for striking Destro in the head with a faulty C-4 explosive detonator.  A detonator from M.A.R.S. which cost him the mission and the lives of several fellow Eel members.  While Destro was buffing out the dent in his mask,  I was able to arrange a deal with Shackles and sneak #1453 out of his holding cell. Thankfully, Shackles is a mercenary.  He gladly covered for us after taking his usual fee.   I changed Eel #1453's name to Sea Bee and I took him into my Killer Bees squad.  To this day, Destro believes that the Eel is dead, and I still don't know where Shackles got the extra body that was buried that day on Cobra Island. - YELLOW JACKET, KILLER BEES LEADER -  


Designer's Notes:

4 Words describe this custom.....Pain In The Butt.  However, I just had to make him.  I saw this figure on the store shelf and had to rescue it from the horrid life with the "Star Wars style" articulation.  Serious modification to the lower torso.  I  had to integrate a "hook and loop" system to hold his O-ring to the legs.  There is no back screw due to his ultra-cool backpack sculpt.  Thus I had to glue the torso halves together.  Also had to re-bore his arm holes to accommodate the new arms.  See what I mean about being a pain?!?!   But he is worth every hour of blood, sweat and tears.


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