SALE  HAS  ENDED.    THANK  YOU  FOR  YOUR  OFFERS. Welcome G.I. Joe enthusiasts, Ron Conner here.  It is my pleasure to announce and conduct the sale of this very rare and unique "White Mortal".  There are two main sections.  First, the sale information where you have a chance submit an offer to buy this Mortal figure.  Then below, there is a Question & Answer area filled with more details about this figure.   This sale is open to anyone and everyone, so good luck to all who would like to own this truly unique figure.

Sale contents:  Click on the image above to see everything that is offered in this sale. (1) Venezuelan "White" Cobra Mortal figure, (2) all 3 accessories:  Note the figure is in nice, unbroken condition, but for some reason the accessories all have damage in some way.  (3) Certificate of Authenticity by the original manufacturer, Rubiplas.  (4) Scan copy of his original file card. 
How to submit an offer: Email your cash offer amount to In order for your bid to be valid, you MUST include 3 things:  1) Your first and last name,  2) Your phone number, 3) Your cash offer to buy.  If you wish to revise your offer, please submit a new email.  Any previous offers will be discarded. 
Sale Dates: Offers will be accepted starting on Friday, June 3, 2005 and ending on Friday, June 17th, 2005.  All offers must be submitted by 10:00 PM EST on the 17th.  There is no advantage waiting to "snipe" the sale at the end.   Winning offer will be chosen by the owner.  Then I will contact the winner via email and/or by phone.
Payment Due: Payment via is due within 72 hours of the closing sale date (June 20th).  If payment is not received via Pay Pal by the deadline, the owner will then choose another person's offer. 
Additional Info: If you have any questions, please review the Question & Answer section below for more info.  Any other questions?  Just email me at :


Questions & Answers

Can you tell me more about the origin of the figure? There has been some information and rumors passed around over the past 22 months since this figure surfaced.  This figure was sold at auction to the current owner in August 2003.  The auction lot had several other figures that were made by a joint effort with Hasbro and the Venezuelan toy company named Rubiplas.  All of the other figures were released in Venezuela.  Note the 2 other rare exclusive figures, Manleh and Shimik (click to original auction picture below).  From there, the seller contacted me and a couple other well known people in the Joe Community.  I had never seen this figure before and told him not to sell it until he knew exactly what it was.  If it was a fake, then definitely don't sell it, but if it is real, it could be one of the rarest G.I. Joe figures of all time.   I suggested that he send the figure to a number of reputable and trustworthy dealers who could authenticate it.  The seller did one step better, he contacted the original manufacturer and they were kind enough to research their records and issue a certificate of authenticity in October 2003.  The owner decided to keep this figure and for the past 20+ months, he has been happily enjoying it.  However, times have changed, and the seller contacted me last month.  He is looking toward a bright future with a lovely wife and aspirations of buying a home.  So he asked me how much I thought it was worth.  I would love to have purchased this figure for myself, but recently I made an investment in the original pencil sketch art to the rare Argentina 2nd Series figures ("Argen 7").  So owning the original art to the Cobra Mortal is enough to keep me very happy (see the art prints that were done HERE).  Anyways, that brings us to today...your chance to own a rare piece of G.I. Joe history!

Before I put in an offer, how do I know it is a genuine figure and not a custom?   I have posted several pictures so you can examine the items for yourself.  Please let me explain each image.  Pictures 1 & 2 are both the inside and outside of the figure.  I disassembled it in order to examine the plastic body more closely.  The body is made from white plastic.  The figure has a black paint mask (note the factory overspray).   The Cobra symbol is highly detailed.   Pictures 3 & 4 is a copy of the file card (original owner kept the file).  The most impressive evidence is on the back side of the file card.  Note the Hasbro logo and the Rubiplas logo.  I show in the picture my Argentina (Plastirama) file card for comparison (not for sale).   Picture 5 is the original Certificate of Authenticity by the toy company Rubiplas in Venezuela!  How cool is that?!?!   Finally, I have personally examined this figure and am not ashamed to show you close up pictures.  If I thought this figure was a fake, I wouldn't stick my neck out for this.  Or do all the work to conduct and sell this figure for the owner.  Finally, this figure will sell.  There have already been good offers from knowledgeable collectors that know this figure is authentic.  

Can I split up the offer money in payments?  This sale is running for 15 days, covering 3 Fridays.  We thought that Friday was a good day since that is pay day for many people.  Thus giving more people a chance to budget and make a competitive offer.  So we hope this amount of time is long enough for the winning person to have their offer ready at the end of the sale.  However, if you think you will need to arrange a payment plan, you must work out the arrangements with the owner BEFORE the end of sale.  There may be some room for flexibility in order to allow for more people to enter. 

Do you have any trade references?  I am the co-author of a 100+ page book titled, International Action Figure Archive.  It covers International GI Joe figures from over 13 different countries around the world.  I have been professionally selling toys and collectibles since 1999, and have a 100% positive feedback rating on Ebay.  A list of references can be made available if needed.

Do you accept trades? This is for a cash sale.   However, I will contact the top group of people near the end of the sale. At that point, additional money or merchandise offers can be added.    If you would like to generate money for this sale offer, I may be able to help. See my Buy List.

Can I pay using another method besides Pay Pal? Pay Pal is the fasted and safest method for moving money.  However, if you can not pay this way, please list the other payment methods in your email offer.    We will try to work with you.

Can you tell me how much the current high offer is? The current high price can change several times in any give day.  And those changes come at a moment's notice.   So near the end of the sale, I will contact the group of people with highest offers. (approximately the upper 10% of offers) At that point, they will know they are in the running.   

When the sale ends, how will I know who's offer was accepted?  If you are the winner, you will be contacted soon after the sale via email and/or phone call.  So please be available or else the owner may choose the next highest offer if you do not respond with the money within 72 hours at the end of sale.   Once the deal is finally closed and the item has been officially paid for, then I will post that the sale is complete.  However, I may not be able to post the name of the lucky winner.  Because, some collectors are very private about what they own.  So we will only post the new owner's name if s/he asks us to.  Just like how the original owner wishes to remain private.   

Got more questions, EMAIL US.  New Q & A's will be posted, so keep checking back for other info.

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